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SmartVestor Pro

Why Choose a SmartVestor Pro?

After researching your investment options, you have determined that working with a financial advisor is the smart choice for you, but why should you choose a SmartVestor Pro?

SmartVestor Pros are chosen by Dave Ramsey and his team based on experience, philosophy and five guiding principles:

Client-First Mentality

As SmartVestor Pros , our team is committed to educating and empowering you to help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

Heart of a Teacher

We truly enjoy helping you pursue your financial goals.  We believe that long term financial success is significantly dependent upon your understanding of the markets, risks, investment options, strategies, taxes, and other factors which affect achieving your goals.

Smart Wealth Building

Rogers and Kirby recognizes the importance of taking a long-term, client specific approach.  We will help you make sound financial decisions so you can build wealth and reach your goals.  This includes helping you invest for the long term.  We will consider your whole financial situation and goals. Our team of advisors includes a CPA with a Master in Taxation, Certified Financial Planner Professionals®, and other specialists to help you confidently navigate your financial path.

Fast, Friendly Service

Got a question? You can expect a timely response from our team.  We are here to serve you.

More Choices, More Options

At Rogers & Kirby, we don’t just offer a single company’s investment choices. We have access to hundreds of investments to help you reach your goals.  We take pride in working with companies committed to cutting edge technology, which translates to a better, faster, and more accurate experience.

Our Dave Ramsey Story

Rogers & Kirby is not new to the Dave Ramsey philosophy.  Our founder, Dennis Rogers, actually heard about him from his teenage daughters as far back as 2000.  They heard him on the radio as they were driving home from school and were all excited.  They said, “Dad, you have to listen to this guy.  He is saying all the things about money you have told us all our lives!”  Dennis listened to Dave and immediately recognized the value in his teaching and the engaging way he presented it on the air. 

After listening for a while, Dennis was determined to get Dave to come to Phoenix for a live event.  When he contacted the program he was told that they had not been on the air long enough yet in Phoenix to schedule an event.  Dennis asked them what would it take and was told that they would want to be sure of selling 400 tickets.  Dennis immediately committed to buying the tickets and proceeded to schedule the event.  That first event in Phoenix was a great success with about 1,200 attendees. 

Not long after that Dave announced that he would launch the Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) program.  Dennis immediately indicated his interest and was approved as one of the first few ELP’s in the country.  Our relationship with the program has been a very rewarding one.  Not only has it been a successful way to attract new clients, but the types of people attracted to the program are very compatible with the values of our team. Now we are happy to continue our relationship as SmartVestor Pros.

Of course, we recognize that Dave Ramsey would have succeeded in his radio program without our support, but we are very proud to be a part of the growth and success he has achieved.  This is how we feel about our clients’ success as well.