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We always want the advice we give our clients to provide real solutions to the financial challenges they face. Therefore, we spend the time we need to fully understand what is really important to you. We find that by fully understanding your personal values, we can design plans that really make a difference in your life. This is much more than just knowing when you want to retire and how much you need. It is about knowing the things that really matter to you in life.

Once we understand what really matters, we can work through the specific goals that you have which are consistent with those values. We also like to look at a range of goals (best case / worst case type analysis) and include multiple goals. Then, we can help you chart a course to help you achieve the goals that will make a big difference to the quality of your life.

We find that we have an exceptional ability to take fairly complex financial matters and explain them in ways that the average person can easily understand. This is due to what financial author, radio host, and motivational speaker Dave Ramsey calls “the heart of a teacher”. We love it when we see that light bulb go on and someone gets it for the first time.