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Our mission statement explains, “We help people make optimal decisions about their money so they can live their lives consistent with their personal core values.” What does that mean for you? We incorporate Values Based Financial Planning® techniques to help you develop financial strategies based upon your personal core values. We build your unique plan designed to help you achieve your financial goals, so you can have what is really important to you.

We use comprehensive financial planning services to help identify the best way to optimize your financial situation. Many people and advisors focus on one or two areas of their financial plan and ignore the ones that seem less exciting or urgent. This is often driven by the bias of their advisor. We believe it is important to consider all areas of financial planning, so that your financial life is fully integrated with your values.

The areas of financial planning* that need to be considered are as follows:

Cash Flow Management: We make sure there is an effective system in place to track income and expenditures and plan for use of funds through budgeting and other techniques.

Retirement and Other Goals Planning: We work with you to identify goals which are consistent with your values, and then create a strategy to give you the best opportunity to achieve those goals.

Investment Planning*: We implement a set of investment strategies to maximize the chance of achieving your goals.

Risk Management: We work to reduce or eliminate your financial risks using the best insurance programs and other techniques.

Income Tax Planning: We do all we can to lessen the tax burden, while complying with the law and keeping your plan’s primary goals and objectives in the forefront.

Employee Benefits Planning: We strive to help you fully understand the benefits that are available through your employer and optimize their use.

Estate Planning: We want to help you ensure that the legacy you create is ultimately used consistent with your intentions and values.

Remember, financial planning is an ongoing process, not a product. The process involves several steps:

  1. Clarifying your values and establishing your goals
  2. Gathering all the needed data
  3. Analyzing and evaluating your financial status
  4. Developing a plan
  5. Implementing the plan
  6. Monitoring the plan and making any necessary adjustments.

The financial planning process is rewarding as it brings you closer to living your life consistent with your values.